Car Exhaust Fitting & Repairs in Balcatta – Perth

What’s The Deal With Exhaust?

The exhaust system of your vehicle is responsible for expelling gases produced during engine combustion. As your engine burns fuel, it produces emissions that need to be dispelled quickly and efficiently.

Symptoms Of A Damaged Exhaust System

The power and fuel efficiency of your car will be seriously compromised if your exhaust is worn or cracked and not flowing efficiently. A damaged exhaust system is characterised by very loud rumbling during acceleration and occasionally rattling if any mounting points have cracked or broken.

How We Can Help

The team at Adrian’s Balcatta Car Care Centre will replace the original design exhaust systems in most vehicles and manufacture custom systems on-site for your requirements. We are uniquely positioned to offer you custom exhaust repairs with specialist pipe bending equipment, which can potentially reduce cost. We can also adjust the sound level of your exhaust system. Some people want them quieter and some want them louder – we can assist with both.

For an assessment of your car’s exhaust system, contact the team at Adrian’s Balcatta Car Care Centre today.

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