Car Exhaust Fitting & Repairs in Balcatta – Perth

Here at Adrian’s Balcatta Car Care Centre, we are uniquely positioned to offer you custom exhaust repairs with specialist pipe bending equipment. We can also adjust the sound level of your exhaust system using mufflers. Some of you want your exhausts quieter and others want it louder, we can assist you with both!

The exhaust system of your vehicle is responsible for expelling gases produced during engine combustion. As your engine burns fuel, it produces emissions that need to be dispelled quickly and efficiently and so they don’t affect the people inside the vehicle. They are also beneficial to the reduction of pollution, performance improvements, engine noise reduction (or enhancements) and the fuel economy.

It is important that your vehicle’s exhaust system is efficient at all times, and if it’s not it, it’s vital you take it in for a repair as soon as possible.

Here are a few signs to let you know if your exhaust is in need of a repair.

  • Your exhaust is worn or cracked.
  • Your exhaust isn’t flowing efficiently.
  • Your exhaust is making very loud rumbling noises during acceleration.
  • Your exhaust is occasionally rattling.
  • There is a strong gas or burning smell.

If your vehicle’s exhaust or muffler is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to come into Adrian’s Balcatta Car Care Centre where we can replace the original design exhaust systems in most vehicles and manufacture custom systems on-site for your requirements.

It is important to note that oftentimes you may notice absolutely no difference in your car itself while a worn out exhaust may be affecting the performance of your vehicle behind the scenes. This is why we recommend regular check ups to ensure your vehicle’s exhaust and muffler are running smoothly.

Wondering where to go next? Book in for an assessment for your car’s exhaust and muffler system by getting in touch with the team at Adrian’s Balcatta Car Care today.

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