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Absolutely not. There is great deal of misinformation around about this issue, but the ACCC ruled on this, and providing we use products that meet or exceed original equipment standards, your warranty is 100% valid.

We only use products which meet these criteria.

We use a variety of brake pads.

It is vital that the appropriate brake pad material is chosen to suit your requirements. Taxis, heavily laden UTE’s and family sedans all require different pad material.

We will select the material that best suits your needs but rest assured that we only fit premium products regardless of the application.

These days there are vast numbers of oils available, and that is why we have teamed with Castrol to ensure you get the oil for your car that is recommended by the manufacturer.

There are several ways but the most common one is tyre wear. The way in which your tyre is worn will give us an indication of any issues that may be occurring. This will allow us to correct the problem before any unnecessary additional expense is incurred.

On certain applications, custom high flow systems can increase efficiency and power. However, most vehicles require ‘like for like’ replacement of original components due to corrosion or other forms of failure. Custom fitting allows us to only replace the faulty components and not the whole system, therefore reducing cost and wastage.

If your car is revving but is slower to gain speed than usual, your clutch may be worn, and you should have it attended to ASAP before you lose all acceleration. If the clutch pedal is softer or lower than usual, you may have a hydraulic problem with the clutch master and/or slave cylinders. Eventually you will lose the pedal completely so seek assistance ASAP.

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