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Our skilled technicians at Adrian's Balcatta Car Care Centre can repair your car using parts which meet or exceed manufacturer’s standards, therefore maintaining your new car warranty, while still being able to enjoy our customer service. We will comprehensively assess your vehicle's components, noting worn or malfunctioning parts that are in need of replacement. We will also carry out routine maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes.

For vehicle's outside of their warranty period, we also offer minor and major servicing options using top quality aftermarket components. To book your vehicle in for a service in for a repair with our expert team, contact us today.

Cooling System Repairs

If your vehicle is overheating, visit the team at Adrian's Balcatta Car Care Centre for a cooling system test and we'll get your vehicle running at the correct temperature again. If a vehicle overheats it can potentially cause catastrophic damage to the engine resulting in costly repairs.

Whether it's a radiator repair, replacement or a cooling system flush, we've got all your cooling system repairs covered. For more information, or to make a booking, contact us today.

Brake Repairs

Having properly functioning brakes are crucial to the safety of yourself and others on the road. If your brakes are worn or malfunctioning you may experience decreased braking power, shuddering steering under braking or even squeaking noises when braking.

Our team can replace your brake pads and other brake components to get them stopping you like new once again. To get your brakes performing their very best, contact us today to arrange a brake repair for your vehicle.

Transmission Servicing

Your vehicle's transmission requires routine servicing to maximise its lifespan and to prevent any costly damage occurring. We can service and repair transmissions on all makes and models at Adrian's Balcatta Car Care Centre.

Worn or damaged transmissions can often be diagnosed by consistent whining noises while driving, or rough gear shifts. To find out more, contact us today.

Exhaust Repairs and Fitting

The exhaust of your vehicle is responsible for dispelling gases produced during combustion in your engine. As your engine burns fuel, it produces emissions that need to be dispelled quickly and efficiently. If your exhaust is worn, cracked or not flowing efficiently, this can dramatically decrease the power and fuel efficiency of your car.

A worn or damaged exhaust can also be louder and make rattling noises if any mounting points have cracked or broken. For an assessment of your car's exhaust system, contact us today.

Steering & Suspension

Your steering and suspension components have a dramatic impact upon the handling of your vehicle. Over time these components wear and fail, and your vehicle won't handle as the manufacturer had intended. Our technicians can repair and replace steering and suspension components to get your vehicle handling like new once again.

If you're experiencing a rough ride, or your car isn't handling as intended, contact us today to discuss steering and suspension repairs for your vehicle.

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